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Though a New Yorker for 19 years, independent jewelry designer Marjorie Victor infuses her work with cultural influences and experiences from around the world.

Marjorie earned a degree in Art History and painting from Barnard College, before embarking on an international education to hone her craft, with time spent studying sculpture at a bronze foundry in France, jewelry design in Mexico, and working alongside renowned Hungarian-born ceramics designer Eva Zeisel in New York.

The influence of nature on her work is obvious, with the sculptural properties of metal being a natural medium for Marjorie to explore her unique, but effortless geometric and linear forms. Each piece is made by hand, using recycled materials whenever possible, the perfect metaphor for what living and working in the heart of the most diverse city in the world brings to her work:

"My approach to jewelry design involves combining and recombining a myriad of influences, and distilling them to their simplest, most beautiful essences. This design aesthetic was developed while listening to the frenetic rhythms of New York City."

It's Marjorie's ability to create simple pieces that are both modern yet delicately and classically organic that has garnered attention and praise from Elle and Lucky Magazines, as well as from more than 50 museum and specialty stores around the globe.
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