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Beginning with my box of Crayola crayons and spring flowers I have always been drawn to color.

Several years ago I started working with glass as something to do on cold, rainy days and nights. This was a great outlet from my day job in the health care field. Initially I made stained glass pieces which was a good way to learn how to cut glass but much too tedious for me. A year or so later I started fusing glass. I was both surprised and captivated by how the glass emerged from the kiln. The sharp edges of the glass were softened and rounded during the transformation as the pieces were heated up to 1480 degrees.

I enjoy being outside and many of my ideas come as I bike, hike, head downstream or garden. The native plants, flowers, vegetables and wildlife influence my color combinations and shapes.

Cooking is a passion of mine; I love preparing meals for family and friends. Many weekends are spent entertaining and when time is short even the simplest meal, soup or salad can look spectacular on my serving ware.

Attending glass classes and seminars taught by renowned artists in their respective fields, has helped expand my knowledge base. A recent business course has helped me focus in areas I had little desire or interest in doing.

It is the color of glass that motivates me to create functional art that all of us can enjoy for years to come. I love experimenting with different designs, patterns and colors as the creative possibilities are endless. It is the spectrum of glass colors that inspires me.
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