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Master bead maker and local fisherwomen Martha Nunez makes some of the largest, most sought after shell beads in the world. In the fishing industry for 37 years, she and her partner run a commercial quahog dragger in Nantucket Sound.
Martha's daughter Mercy was raised on fishing boats and the beaches of Cape Cod, watching her mother collect and carve shell. Naturally she accompanies her in the artistry.
Both Martha and Mercy can be found working or playing in the sea. When the sound freezes over Martha and Mercy travel the worlds Oceans seeking waves.
From the Caribbean Sea to the Indian Ocean and everywhere in between, they have collected shell including Conch, Abalone, Giant clam and Great Green Turban which have all been incorporated into their designs. Martha and Mercy are skilled water women, world travelers and most of all quintessential Cape Codders.
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